United Most Worshipful St. John's Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M. JURISDICTION OF LOUISIANA, INC., SCOTTISH RITE & Daughters of Universal Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star
United Most Worshipful St. John's Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M. JURISDICTION OF LOUISIANA, INC., SCOTTISH RITE     &Daughters of Universal Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star

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  • Anonymous (Sunday, March 22 20 10:38 pm EDT)

    Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. In light of the current state of affairs with this pandemic, those in leadership were able to implement means in which members could be in the know, all the while adhering to mandates, and keeping everyone as safe as possible. I rate it a 10.

  • Kristina Harrison (Monday, March 23 20 09:28 am EDT)

    Conference call rating: 8. The call was very informative; however, next call should have specific instructions set prior to the call. (i.e. MUTE ALL PHONE (Background noise was ridiculous), When someone wants to speak, the unmute, State your name, be recognized by the presiding officer, then speak (this will minimize more than one person speaking at a time... This is how we do our study sessions via freeconferencecall.com. Works very well when used properly.

  • Terry J Thibodeaux (Monday, March 23 20 10:58 am EDT)

    8. Directions were given and not followed. Proper procedure must be performed to ensure that the call’s expectations can be met. Please consider the hearing and understanding of what is being said as a priority. Muting your personal line when not speaking is a must. Even if you think your voice is recognizable, please state it before speaking. The purpose of having an outlet for our meeting was met. Thanks so much.

  • Narvalee L Boyd (Monday, March 23 20 03:26 pm EDT)

    I would rate the call as an 8 due to all phones should be on mute when not speaking, when speaking introduce yourself and keep tour message as short as possible

  • WM Robert Searls (Monday, March 23 20 04:45 pm EDT)

    I rate the call at an 8. I concur many of the previous comments regarding: background noise, muting/non-muting, Protocol, etc. The Chair/Co-Chair must officiate the meeting accordingly. To many unnecessary questions were asked "off-topic". I, for one, had questions and yielded to others (reapectfully) and was never acknowledged for comment.
    All in all, it was a good and informative meeting. This is a feature that we should have been using; I'm glad to see Technology being employed in our Organization.

  • Jessica McNabb (Monday, March 23 20 05:48 pm EDT)

    Being that this was our first conference call, I think it went well. I give it an 8. It was very informative and I'm glad to see our organization improvise to make this much needed meeting happen

  • Janice Haney (Wednesday, March 25 20 11:50 am EDT)

    I rate the conference call a 9. In the future an agenda should be set as to what is to be covered. All calls should be muted when calling in. Anyone not sticking to the topic of discussion should be muted by moderator and only unmuted when asked a specific question.

  • Rev. Robert stewart (Friday, April 30 21 11:59 am EDT)

    Grand Chaplin could not get connected

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